Lost all teeth at 35, started acting career at 54 Ammaji of 'Panchayat 3 is talk of the town

Abha Sharma is the niece of poet and intellectual Ram Vilas Sharma.

Lost all teeth at 35, started acting career at 54 Ammaji of 'Panchayat 3 is talk of the town

The much awaited web series 'Panchayat 3' released on May 28. This web series has been discussed continuously for the last two weeks. The story of Phulera village and its actors are being talked about a lot on social media. A new character was seen in this episode, that is Ammaji! Many applauded the way Ammaji acted to get a house through the government scheme. Today let's know about the actress Abha Sharma who played the character of Ammaji.

Abha Sharma, who became the audience's favorite with her excellent acting, started her acting career at the age of 54. She always wanted to act, but for some reason it could not happen. Abha Sharma is the niece of poet and intellectual Ram Vilas Sharma.

In an interview given to 'Indian Express', 75-year-old Abha Sharma narrated her journey. “I always wanted to be an actress. But, my mother was against this. She didn't like this profession and I didn't want to hurt her. Although my family was educated, they were a little orthodox. After my mother passed away, I turned to acting once again and this time I had the support of my siblings,” said Abha Sharma.

Abha was the youngest in the family. He had an elder sister and brother, both of whom are now deceased. Their families are settled in Delhi and Hyderabad. After the death of her father, who worked in a telecom company, Abha Sharma was taking care of her ailing mother. This is why she did not get married. She always wanted to be an artist. She started teaching in the school in 1979 after obtaining her diploma degree from JJ School of Arts.

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Her life has not been easy. At the age of 35, she lost all her teeth due to a gum infection. But still she continued to work. Then at 45, she developed another rare disease, which left her limbs trembling. She left school teaching in 1991. In 2008, Abha started doing theatre in Lucknow. This was a step taken by her to fulfil her dreams, but she could not participate in many plays. Later, his acting career in Mumbai started with an advertisement for Bank of Baroda. But due to health reasons, she left the offers of 'Peepli Live' and some other movies.

After Corona, Anurag Shukla met a person named Shiva in Abha Theatre. Anurag is her tenant in Lucknow. She asked Abha to make an audition video for a role in a panchayat and she got the role. Abha Sharma, who worked on the sets of Panchayat for 10 days, shared her experience. “I was a bit sceptical about the series, but after reaching the set, all doubts were cleared. All the co-stars, the director, the make-up man helped a lot,” she said.

Talking about Abha Sharma's work, she will be seen in the movie 'Durga Prasad Ki Second Marriage'. Apart from this, she is playing an important role in another film.

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