Look for these 7 signs while buying any packaged food; Know in detail

There are other important symbols or labels than veg and non vegetarian

Look for these 7 signs while buying any packaged food; Know in detail

Nowadays, everyone buys 'package food' very often. Packaged products offer as much and as much food as you want. However, while buying such products, it is very important for consumers to be aware of the special symbols on those packets. After you go shopping, the colourful and attractive packaged foods in the supermarket attract the attention of everyone from kids to adults. However, before buying such products, do not forget to check the mark / label on them.

Certain symbols on packaged food serve to provide us with important information about the contents of the package. If you want to eat good and healthy foods, you need to read all the information printed on the packet. Many people are aware of two types of symbols, vegetarian and non-vegetarian, but apart from that, let's know what other symbols / labels are on the products.

Label information on products:

Vegetarian / Veg

Everyone knows this logo with a green circle inside a green square. If any product has such a symbol, this label indicates that the product / food is completely vegetarian.

Non-Veg / Non-Veg

Previously the symbol on non-vegetarian products was a chocolate circle within a chocolate square. However, that label has been changed by FSSAI [FSSAI]. Now chocolate coloured squares, chocolate triangles will be seen on the product. This particular change has been made in the old label to avoid confusion between the labels of vegetarian and non-vegetarian products for consumers who are colour-blind / colour-blind.

Gluten Free / Gluten Free

The Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO) has created a special symbol for gluten-free foods. The label, made using green and blue colours, indicates that the product is gluten-free.

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Biological India

Biologia Bharat logo is a logo designed for organic food and has also received government certification. If the product has a green 'Than' symbol and a label that says 'Organic India' below it, it indicates that the product is organic. This label ensures that the product is organic during any form of packing, sale, marketing or any other form of distribution.


Agmark or AGMARK is a label designed for agricultural products. A product bearing this black-and-yellow label indicates that the product has been ensured to meet the grade standards prescribed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare under the Agricultural Produce (Grading Marking) Act, 1937. A product bearing this symbol has undergone certification and laboratory testing. There is no tampering with those products and the product is adulterant free. In short, this product is of very high quality with AGMARK written in black-yellow colour. So, while buying any agricultural product, make sure to check whether it has an AGMARK label or not.


In the year 2022 FSSAI formally launched the national 'Vegan' logo. A label with a green square and V in green and vegan below it indicates that the product does not contain additives, flavourings, carriers, enzymes or any ingredients derived from animals. The logo also has a small plant on the written V. This label can be very beneficial for consumers who have a vegan lifestyle.

Food Irradiation

'Radura' is an international symbol used to denote irradiated food products. This radura is labelled with a circle of dashed green lines and a plant inside. Natural fruits and other edibles are subject to atomic irradiation and various other processes for long-term storage and preservation, so products bearing the Radura mark indicate that they are storable and safe for human consumption. Such information is understood from an article in the Free Press Journal.

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