Remember these 3 things when colouring hair to prevent damage

Some hair colours are so harsh that they can damage your scalp

Remember these 3 things when colouring hair to prevent damage

Hair colour changes your look within minutes and also boosts your confidence. Even those who don't have white hair want to give their hair a new look by giving it different shades. There are many types of products available in the market for this. But it contains a lot of chemicals. So many times your hair gets damaged. Some hair colours are so harsh that they can damage your scalp. Due to this, the hair becomes weak from the root and starts falling out. If you want to avoid all these problems, keep some things in mind while colouring your hair.

Hair colouring is easy. But, taking proper care of that hair is more important.

Avoid colouring the scalp

Avoid colouring the scalp before applying any chemical hair colour. If the dye is absorbed into your scalp and mixed with your bloodstream, it can cause serious health problems. You have to take special care to wash your scalp well after dyeing.

Do an allergy test or patch test

If this is your first time using chemical hair dye on your hair, always test it on a small section of your hair. Do not use hair dye if you experience any kind of symptoms like itching, burning. Consult your doctor. And only then use hair dye.

Disadvantages of hair highlighting

Highlighting hair is now a fashion. But before hair colour, it is necessary to know its disadvantages. Many chemicals are used to highlight the hair, which makes the hair weak and dry. Highlighting the hair over and over again causes hair loss and hinders new hair growth.

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Hair becomes lifelessIf you want to dye your hair light black, you have to do bleaching. Bleaching is considered more dangerous for hair. Chemicals used in hair highlighting strip the natural oils from the hair and make it lifeless. Hair needs styling but excessive styling causes hair damage.

Possibility of allergy

Not only this, some people may face issues like burning, redness and itchy scalp after hair highlighting. The chemicals in it cause allergies. If this happens, definitely consult a doctor. Highlighted hair requires expensive shampoos and conditioners that can add to your expenses. Some people highlight their hair at home, but doing so can lead to hair related problems.

Remember these things

Do not highlight your hair at home, consult a doctor immediately if you have any type of allergy. Take care of highlighted hair and use shampoo. Be sure to consult an expert before highlighting your hair.
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