Know the best brands for a 50-inch TV in India, with distinct features and prices

Know the best brands for a 50-inch TV in India, with distinct features and prices

Choosing the right TV size is determined by a number of factors. Most users, however, are limited by what can be accommodated when it comes to size. While selecting the best 50-inch, there are plenty of options available to buyers. You might find yourself scanning the store shelves or being bombarded with too many terms, features, and lighting types. However, do specs like 4K, HDR, and refresh rate matter more than the companies that actually manufacture TVs? Most of the time, one wants to focus on the brand rather than the metrics.

Here are some top TV makers worth noting if you’re looking forward to buying the best 50 inch TV in India.


Samsung of South Korea is the de facto market leader in the global television industry, outselling rivals LG and Sony by a significant margin. The main reason for this is that Samsung produces excellent TVs with a keen focus on accessibility and functionality.

Powered by a clean OS named Tizen, Samsung provides smart TV models like Q90A  Neo QLED, Q80A QLED, Q60A QLED, etc under the bracket of the best 50-inch tv in India. Belonging from the price range of ₹ 70,000 to ₹ 1,75,000, this series of Samsung boasts of a QLED (no bezel) display with 4K resolution supporting Quantum HDR. Powered by Samsung's Quantum Processor, the ambient mode of the TV allows access to all the streaming services built-in. Extended features include a dedicated HDMI port for easy screen sharing and gaming purposes, built-in access to Alexa and Google Assistant, a 2.2 channel speaker setup and more. The small yet convenient smart remote can easily double up as a universal remote bringing in the comfort of easy UI.


Known for its brand value, LG boasts as the only manufacturer of OLED panels both for home brands as well as competitors. LG offers a premium range of LG TVs under the 50-inch TV bracket which includes models like LG 50UQ8050PSB, LG 50UK6560PTC, LG 50NANO75TPZ etc. Ranging in the price bracket of ₹40,000 to ₹70,000, LG TVs are quite the budget device for the Indian market. Apart from the flagship OLED technology and WebOS, LG TVs are also adept with smart technologies like direct streaming, wifi, internet, USB and HDMI ports and smart magic motion remotes.


The last great Japanese heavyweight TV, Sony is a quite efficient house name in creating awe-inspiring TVs. Running on powerful and efficient Google TV OS, Sony brings in some impressive Bravia models for the best 50-inch TV for the Indian market. With slim bezels, a minimalistic stand and Dolby Atmos with support for HDR, Sony 50- inch model series like SONY X80J, BRAVIA KD, and BRAVIA KLV fall under the price list of ₹60,000 to ₹1,00,000. Sony allows access to the play store and other online streaming devices and comes with a voice-enabled remote control for easy user access. Similar to Samsung, Sony transitioned to selling hybrid QD-OLED televisions. These claim to be much brighter than its most recent OLED models, as well as having a broader viewing angle and a larger colour gamut than what is currently possible with OLED technology.


While turning to a bit expensive side, Panasonic is one of the best TV manufacturers to provide cinematic quality displays and an HCX Pro Intelligent processor. Featuring premium models like VIERA TH - 50C300DX, and 50FS600D, Panasonic does have some impressive options for the best 50-inch TVs in India. Panasonic offers a wide array of features which includes accurate colour mapping, HDR support, and HLG broadcasts even on mid-range LED TV sets. The price range of 50 inches from Panasonic ranges between ₹42,990 to ₹1,88,000.


Phillips' premium OLED TVs emphasize sound quality, with Bowers & Wilkins supporting built-in soundbars in its premium sets as well as HDR10+ and Dolby Vision support, so Philips' premium TVs don't slack on HDR. With a good amount of impressive features, Philips, unfortunately, has some limited options for 50-inch TVs for the current market. Starting from a base price of ₹36,999 Philips offers models like Philips 50PUT7605/94, Philips 50PUT8215/94, and Philips 50PUT8215/94. Despite the minimal model availability, Philips TVs are well equipped with smart features extending to DLNA, One touch connect, Direct Screen Cast, WiFi, and others for a smooth and impressive user experience. With its flagship Ambilight technology, Philips does set a bar for the best 50-inch TVs in India.


The greatest TV brands ought to provide the finest TVs, and you'll observe that each of these businesses promotes a certain mix of high-end characteristics for the most costly sets. However, the majority of Television companies sell a combination of affordable, mid-range, and high-end televisions, so there is always a wide selection of models to pick from.

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