Builder and contractor of Wadala parking tower booked

DCP Port Zone Sanjay Latkar has assured the public that the case has been duly registered, and appropriate measures will be taken to address the collapse of the multi-storey parking tower.

Builder and contractor of Wadala parking tower booked

In Wadala, Mumbai, a calamitous incident unfolded on Monday as an under-construction metal parking lift collapsed amidst a dust storm, resulting in injuries to three individuals and extensive damage to vehicles. The aftermath of this event has prompted swift action from local authorities, with the Wadala Police registering a case against the responsible parties.

Legal Action Initiated Against Developers and Contractors

The Shreeji Towers developers, along with their directors Dinesh Purohit, Hemchant Purohit, Rajesh Jhunjhunwala, and contractor Aman Arneja, now face legal repercussions following the collapse. The charges filed under sections 336, 337, 338, 427, and 34 of the Indian Penal Code highlight the seriousness of the situation, addressing endangerment of lives, causing harm, and mischief leading to substantial damage.

Negligence in Construction Blamed for Catastrophic Failure

Preliminary investigations by law enforcement point to negligent construction practices as the root cause of the collapse. Specifically, authorities cite careless construction of the adjacent car parking tower, which failed to withstand the force of the dust storm. Originally intended to accommodate over 23 vehicles, the tower's structural deficiencies became glaringly apparent during adverse weather conditions.

Injuries Reported Among Victims, Rescue Efforts Underway

Among those affected by the collapse are Nafiz Khan, Ramesh Mane, and Rajesh Paswan, who sustained injuries during the incident. Khan, a driver, suffered a fracture in his left hand, while Mane, a businessman, sustained fractures in his fingers. Paswan, identified as a scrap dealer, incurred injuries to his nose. Rescue operations, which involved extracting an individual trapped inside a vehicle using cutting tools, were swiftly conducted to prevent further harm.

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