ESA Day is the favourite game of the players, the staff and the coaches: Nita Ambani

Nita Ambani and Mumbai Indians’ Icon Sachin Tendulkar spoke about the importance of sport in children’s lives

ESA Day is the favourite game of the players, the staff and the coaches: Nita Ambani

As Mumbai Indians got a convincing win vs Delhi Capitals in front of 18,000 children from various NGOs across Mumbai.  Nita M Ambani, owner of the Mumbai Indians and Sachin Tendulkar, Mumbai Indians’ icon spoke about what makes the ESA day so special and unique for everyone in the Mumbai Indians ecosystem.

Mrs Ambani and Mumbai Indians’ Icon Sachin Tendulkar speak about ESA Day, in collaboration with Reliance Foundation. 18,000 children present from different NGOs at Wankhede Stadium.

Nita Ambani spent time with the children in the stands during the game and interacted with them about their experience. Speaking about the Education and Sports for All initiative’s significance, Mrs Ambani said,  “The children are bringing so much positivity and joy to the stadium. 18000 children are in the stands today from different NGOs. I believe that sport does not discriminate and talent can come from anywhere. Maybe one of these kids will reach the pinnacle of sport and I hope they take back a lot of cherished memories from this experience and the power and courage to believe in their dreams.”

Tendulkar spoke about his first memories of visiting the stadium for the first time and how he still remembers it vividly. He also credited Mrs Ambani’s vision of providing children with lifechanging experiences, saying, “This is what the players long for: positivity. That is what I have experienced year after year and it has gotten better and better. For me, children are the future. If we want a better tomorrow, we need to act today. The Reliance Foundation, under Mrs Ambani’s guidance has given opportunities to so many children across the globe. I hope she continues to do that in the field of education as well as sport.”

Mrs Ambani also delved into the various lessons that the children can take from the field of play which can aid them in their growth and development. “We started ESA 14 years ago and it has reached out to 22 million children across India. As Sachin says, I believe every child should have a right to play and a right to education. Children learn as much on the playground as they learn in the classrooms. Sports teaches them so many things like discipline and hard work and more than anything how to take wins and losses in their stride. ESA opens the doors to millions of opportunities for these young children from the remotest villages and towns of India,” Mrs Ambani said.

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Mrs Ambani also said the game was one that everybody looked forward to the most with the players really cherishing the opportunity to play in front of passionate kids. “It’s the favourite game of the players, the staff and the coaches. We look forward to this day with a lot of enthusiasm,” she concluded.

The amalgamation of Education and Sports, ESA (Education and Sports for All), that MI proudly wears on the sleeves of all their teams, seeks to make educational opportunities and sports experiences accessible to children from all backgrounds that inspires them in their dreams. Since its inception in 2010, ESA has remained at the core of Mumbai Indians' commitment to entertaining and inspiring young minds, providing life-changing opportunities to thousands of children.

Guided by its overarching ‘We Care’ philosophy, through the year, Reliance Foundation, through ESA carries out various activities in the education and sports arena. Reliance Foundation’s sports chapter has impacted the lives of over 22M children across India.

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